“All stories, journeys and adventures in life start with context. By rule I’m generally quite a creative and dominant individual but, every now and again the urge to surrender control takes over me. I hadn’t seen a professional mistress in years. Mine had retired in 2011 and I didn’t think I would see another. The draw, the undeniable magnetic attraction and chemistry now belonged to the past, a chapter closed in my life, not to be revisited. I was wrong. Every now and again the urge to seek out a potential replacement entered my mind like an immovable splinter; it was something that would eventually cause a chain reaction, an inescapable chain of events that would lead to me being sat here typing this.

I researched extensively all of the available options in the North West. Some professional mistress I reviewed had the air of a sex worker that had simply chose to diversify into the world of BDSM. Tacky, cheap without any air of enigma, mystery, intelligence or class. Others exuded a deluded sense of narcissism claiming to be something unique when in fact they were rather dull, generic, lacking in imagination and originality.  That simply wouldn’t do for me; I’m quite scientific by nature, if I was going to take a step back into this world again it had to be with someone who was different, someone who captured my imagination. A rose doesn’t have to do anything to identify itself as being special within a garden. Amongst all the other flowers it effortlessly stands out with its soft velvet petals, sweet scent and thorns for those who do not show respect and come too close. Upon finding Mistress Madox’s website I knew I had found what I’d been looking for all along. I was mesmerized, and captivated by the images, her face digitally hidden from the eyes of those surveying her website. Why had she hidden her image? Extensive trips into every search engine yielded no results. I was both fascinated and terrified, I’d found my unique rose, my imagination captured, all other options now became redundant and defunct.  Initially I didn’t make contact, some of the stories and testimonials did quite frankly terrify me. I had full knowledge of what Mistress Madox was capable of. I’d seen the photos showing her considerable skill in corporal punishment an area that I was fairly uncomfortable with. Pain is a very personal response to a stimulus, in some cases an individual may be able to tolerate massive amounts of pain to one area but not another. For me corporal punishment filled me with fear but it was something that Mistress Madox clearly excelled in and enjoyed.

I would find myself continually drifting off in work, checking for updates on her twitter feed, her website. Scouring every minutiae piece of information, building an appropriate level of understanding. I knew I only had one chance of approaching, failure to do it properly would result in the petals closing denying me access to something incredible. So I wrote a very short polite and concise e mail introducing myself requesting the opportunity to meet her. The reply arrived in my inbox within 24 hrs. Even the very sight of an e mail from her caused my adrenalin glands to dump vast quantities of nor adrenalin into my bloodstream, causing me to turn bright red on a lunch break surrounded by colleagues, a fact I shared in my reply to Mistress Madox which amused her greatly. I was given a window of time in which to call her to discuss my areas of interest further. If an e mail had caused an adrenalin rush, the prospect of calling her had me on the verge of a heart attack.

I stood there, her number dialed in. All I had to do was press the big green button to connect the call. I could feel my vocal chords tighten, both pulse rate and breathing rate through the roof. I had to walk away 3 times and drink some water, saying to myself  “you speak to people all the time on the phone, this is no different”. Who was I trying to kid? This was different, this was very different. A shaking nervous finger eventually hit the big green button, then it rang, then it connected. Then my fate was sealed. At the end of the phone was an incredibly well educated, articulate, dulcet yet authoritative voice. Soothing, hypnotic yet with an undeniable air of effortless power. Like a sirens call my fate was sealed. We conversed about the e mail conversations we’d had, and possible ideas for a session. I was instructed to create two e mails. One identifying when I would like a session and a second which was to be essentially a kink novel describing ideas/fantasies to provide a foundation of understanding that Mistress Madox could build upon to ensure the session delivered. On the 29/01/14 I booked a two hour session. A creative, intelligent and let’s not forget sadistic mind cannot be rushed. Creation and kink are an art form that needs to be delivered unhurried by an artist and I’d requested quite an array of activities. Although it was only 10 days, I have never felt time drag so slowly. I felt like a child counting down to Christmas, “only 4 more sleeps left”. The week leading up to the session I couldn’t sleep. I would continually check my phone at stupid o clock in the morning to see if there had been any updates to her site or any further e mails sent.

The morning of the session was incredible. You walk through the streets with everyday people passing you. If they only knew the activities and privilege that was about to be bestowed upon you, to them you’re just another individual walking the streets. You look like anybody else going about your business. They are oblivious to the combination of fear and excitement coursing through your body as to what you are about to undertake. A step into the unknown, an appropriately exclusive world that only a selected and vetted few are permitted to enter.

I had been informed that the dungeon was approximately a 10 minute walk from Piccadilly train station. I waited there patiently watching the clock move closer to 13:00, people watching, making up imaginary background stories for the characters that walked passed me. Who was watching me? Am I just another commuter waiting for a train? That is the intricate fascination with the human condition. The mind. Who knows what goes on behind the masks we are forced to wear to conform.  I was soon to be freed of this, allowed to indulge my fantasies. My fate was approaching; I received a txt from Mistress Madox telling me that she had car trouble and may be 15 minutes late. I responded telling her I would patiently await further instructions (let’s be honest I was about to be at her mercy, any petulant reply would not have been a wise move). At 13:18 I was given my instructions and directions.

Stood outside the building I entered the property, it had been too late to avoid my fate from the second I had found her website, there was no turning back. It wasn’t fear so much that grabbed me but a heightened sense of awareness as the door opened  I was told to head straight into the pre session area, looking at the floor only. It was warm, spotlessly clean, lit beautifully with scented candles, and soft music was in the background. I was instructed to take a seat in a chair with my back facing the door I had just walked through .I complied. Mistress Madox’s voice was even more hypnotic in real life. I felt a latex hand gently caress my cheek and the soft delivery of a whispered message in my ear “put this on” as over my left shoulder I was handed a blindfold. I’d informed Mistress Madox that I wanted to earn the right to see her, and she was only too happy to oblige. The perfume mistress Madox was wearing is the most unique, floral, feminine, delicate and decadent scent that has ever stimulated my olfactory senses. It is intoxicating. It was combined with the inescapable sweet vanilla fragrance of latex accompanied by its symbiotic squeak and the sound of sharp heels striking the tiled floor.

Next I felt a collar being fitted securely around my neck accompanied with the instruction to begin to take my clothes off. As my shirt was unbuttoned I felt her fingers seek out my nipples and squeeze them between her forefinger and thumb. A sharp tweak accompanied by a sadistic giggle. I was stood there naked, vulnerable; I was at her mercy for the next two hours. “I have read your e mail very thoroughly. Are you ready?” my voice had deserted me; my vocal chords had gone as though an invisible hand was squeezing my throat. I very quietly managed to reply “Yes Mistress Madox”. I felt the distinctive click of a lead being attached to the collar I was wearing. I was led into the dungeon and instructed to kneel, blindfolded I had to trust every little instruction. “On your knees, face on the floor slave”. Mistress Madox then left me for no more than a minute yet it felt like an eternity. I heard her heels approaching, and her sitting down right in front of me. “Put your hands out” I obeyed immediately and felt my hands strike soft, warm PVC. I had commented on how incredible her PVC thigh high lace and buckle boots were having seen a photograph of them. They were now in my hands, I was ordered to run my hand up and down them, her pointed toe and heel ever so gently scraping past my exposed nether regions as I moved further up her leg preying that ball-busting was off the menu. “Now the other one” as I moved upwards Mistress Madox gently held my hands “My god your hands are cold”, I had been waiting at Piccadilly as I didn’t want to risk being late. With that she held them in her warm soft hands and rubbed them bringing much needed warmth and life back to them. With every kind act follows and evil one.

A wrist cuff was attached to the left wrist then the right and I was ordered to my feet. “Stand up walk backwards, there is a very small step do you feel it?” I nodded “good slave” despite being blindfolded I have no doubt there was a smile across her wicked lips. The wrist restraints were clipped in place on to steel framework. I was hers, I was going nowhere. “Your mine” and with that a sharp unseen slap landed between my legs. Waist and thigh restraints were added. Once again Mistress Madox left the room, by now my pulse had calmed slightly. For me bondage creates the polar opposite of restriction. An opportunity for mental and physical escapism. I was not going to do anything except accept my fate. Upon return a spreader bar was fitted, followed by something being attached to my balls. Now I felt Mistress Madox’s arms wrap around me, her body next to me, I could feel her PVC boots and latex attire touching me, her breath on my lips, and the tip of her nose gently touching mine. Unnervingly seductive, her cheek rested on mine as again softly whispered in my ear “I’ve attached a parachute to you. I’m going to start adding weights, I want you to take it, I want you to please me, do you understand?” as this was happening I could feel her playing with my nipples before clover clamps were added to the equation. “Yes mistress Madox” I’d been given a safe word, which I was hoping not to use. The weights began to be added, the pain grew and grew, then they were removed, then more were added. All whilst being in complete darkness. Then she moved up my body towards my already throbbing nipples and the clover clamps, squeezing and twisting them to increase their bite “do you think you deserve a little treat yet slave?”

“It’s entirely up to you Mistress Madox” this being said as the parachute swung back and forth. I was in agony loving every minute of it. “I think you deserve a little treat” and with that a finger slide under the blind fold, lifting it just a touch to allow me to look downwards. Before my eyes was the most sumptuous, latex corseted body I have ever laid eyes on accompanied by those devilish thigh high boots. I took in this incredible view for all of 5 seconds before the blindfold snapped back into place. Darkness again “if you want to see more you have to earn it slave”. Mistress then turned her attention back to my now throbbing nipples. My mouth was as dry as a bone, I asked if I could have a drink. Mistress very kindly returned to the chill area and came back with a bottle of water placing the plastic mouth piece against my lips. “This is my bottle slave, can you taste my lip gloss smeared all over it?” with that my taste buds were overcome with the sticky sweet flavour of strawberries. This must be how it tastes to kiss her, a privilege that will never happen, condemned to the realm of fantasy. Nipple torture then resumed as the clove clamps were attached to a rope “How many steps do you think you can take?” with that I felt the line tighten, then step after step and the rope became tighter and tighter. “That was only 3 steps” as the pressure was released “let’s try for 5”. With that the process was repeated only this time the clover clamp came off causing massive amounts of pain to surge through me, all accompanied with the sound of her laughing at my predicament. Once the clamps had come off, I hoped that was the end of it. Not a chance, yet again I felt Mistress Madox’s finger and thumbs seek out my destroyed nipples. “Awwww did that hurt? Don’t worry your nipples are still intact”

“Yes Mistress Madox, please, please don’t put them back on” I got my wish; sadly I hadn’t thought it through “OK I won’t put them back on, I’ll be kind” this soft statement was followed by the swish and then harsh impact of a leather riding crop on my nipple. Left then right, repeated over and over again whilst the parachute which had been fitted with a rope and fed under the spreader bar was yanked sharply upwards. It was intense, painful, exquisite all accompanied by the sound of her laughing at the damage she was administering perfectly. “I think you’ve almost earned the right to see me” with that my wrists were unclipped from the frame to allowing the circulation to return, again her hand gently stroked my face, a finger nail tracing the lines of my lip. “Are you ready to see me?”

“Yes Mistress” with this my collar and lead was grabbed, spreader bar still attached and I was lead into the centre of the dungeon. Next Mistress Madox reached behind my head undoing the velcro of the blindfold and removed it. Even though it had been removed I kept my eyes closed, the only barrier now being my eyelids. I’d waited months for this moment, months. I took in two deep and much needed breaths before opening my eyes. What was before me was the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. Standing at around 6ft 2 in her incredible heels, encased in latex, I gazed at what can only be described as female perfection. Thick and shiny auburn hair, flawless skin, bright full sparkly mischievous hazel eyes, and the most enticing lips and warm smile. Her makeup was subtle, yet devastating.  Resonating out of her was an effortless energy, Mistress Madox doesn’t have to try to be dominant or put on an act. For her it is as simple as breathing. As she stepped towards me eye contact was constant. Once again her fingertips headed towards my nipples. “I think it’s time for the cane” This filled me with immense fear. I’ve not had that much experience of Corporal punishment but I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress Madox as I knew it was something she personally enjoys.

I was placed across her whipping bench, strapped securely into place the spreader bar still in place. She appeared next to me holding a leather and wooded humbler. “Do you know what this is slave?”

“Yes I do Mistress”

“It’s going to be attached to you during corporal punishment. If you flinch or try to move it is going to hurt massively. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Madox” with that my balls were grabbed firmly from behind pulled and secured firmly into place.

“How late was I today slave?”

“15 minutes Mistress Madox”

“Pick a number between one and five” I knew this game, I knew we were about to play times table. I was so eager to please her I stupidly replied “5” this was followed by laughing from Mistress who replied “what’s 5 multiplied by 15?”


“That is how many strokes you are going to take for me. I want you to count each one; at the end of each group of 10 you are going to thank me. Do you understand the rules slave?”

“Yes Mistress Madox” as this conversation was developing to my left on the bench I could see a variety of canes, and crops being placed before me.

“First the leather riding crop. I want you to count slave, and to help you concentrate I have something for you” with this Mistress Madox produced a pair of her used panties. A black and red g-string. The cotton gusset placed beneath my nostrils and tied securely to the back of my head.

“I want you to breathe; I want you to smell your Mistress, are you ready?”

“Yes Mistress Madox”

“Then we shall begin, if you lose count we will start again” With that the first swish and crack rang out.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 thank you Mistress Madox” I was in trouble already, I’d underestimated how much this was going to hurt.

“11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 thank you Mistress Madox” 20 strokes and I was done.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes Mistress, I will use my safeword if I need to” at this point deep heat was applied to my cheeks and my balls. Slowly it began to seep in and burn. I then felt what I thought felt like a syringe being pushed into my balls locked in the leather and wooden humbler. Screaming out in pain, “what the hell was that???” not being able to see what was being done made matters worse. Mistress Madox laughed and showed me her chosen implement of torture, a pin wheel. Incredibly effective, this was followed by a second implement being rubbed firmly against my aching balls. “Can you tell what this is slave?” I had no idea; it felt rough like sandpaper so that is what I naturally answered only to be shown a cheese grater. “Time for the cane” lined up on the bench were 4 different canes of varying thickness and severity “I’m going to administer 10 with each and then a further 15 with my favourite one. Are you ready?”

“Yes Mistress, 21,22,23,23,…..

“That was 24”

“Sorry Mistress, 24,25,26,27,28,29,30 Thank you Mistress Madox” She had already picked up on the fact that I was in deep trouble. Every blow was administered slowly and methodically, I knew she was holding back in terms of power but it made no difference I was out of my comfort zone but desperate not to disappoint /her “If you’re feeling feint you will tell me won’t you? Use your safeword if you need to”

“Yes Mistress” the sweet scent filling my nostrils was helping but nothing could anesthetise the searing pain across my cheeks and I wasn’t even half way through. Things were only going to get worse.

“Are you ready for the next set?”

“Yes Mistress, 31,32,33,34,34….sorry mistress 35, 36” at this point my colour had changed, I was visibly shaking and in absolute distress. Despite the fact we hadn’t got anywhere near the target or used my safe word Mistress decided we had to stop. Though she may be sadistic, she is also incredibly kind and relishes the trust slaves place in her hands. “I think we should stop” with that I was released and knelt back in front of her throne.

“No more cane, I shall get my rubber bitch flogger” with that mistress left the room and came back in “are you ready to resume?”

“Yes mistress, 31…..”

“We were on 37”

“I’m sorry mistress 37,38,39,40” I couldn’t even count. All cognitive function had left me. Mistress had disappointment in her eyes. I knew I had let her down, I just hope at some point in future I can try to amend this and overcome my fear of her cane. I know 40 is a pathetic number, and I’m so sorry I failed her.

“Let’s rubberise you instead!” Was her response. The game wasn’t over yet. Though I clearly couldn’t take the cane, there were many other pieces of equipment in her arsenal to destroy me with.

With that I was placed inside a latex catsuit with integrated feet and hands. Copious amounts of latex shiner was applied to me before I was given the honour of shining mistresses latex outfit. Accompanied with me being allowed to give her a shoulder massage. “Time for electrics” with this, mistress produced her Pleasure Tec control box and a beautifully designed anal plug. “Do you think you can take this?”

“Yes Mistress Madox” I was led back over to the whipping bench bent over, lubed and then invaded finger after finger. I was in ecstasy as my prostate was tickled. The plug was placed inside me it slid in without resistance.”Now I’m going to mummify you with cling film slave” with that my arms were bound to my side I was placed on the bench and strapped securely in place. Mistress Madox then gagged me and lay right next to me, her face just inches from mine. The eye contact was one of the most intense connective experiences I have ever had with a woman. As the dial increased the electric explosions inside me caused me to convulse, gently at first, growing more violent with each turn of the dial. I love electrics, and having it combined with Mistress Madox staring into your very soul telling you to “take it” as she cranks up the voltage and frequency is just incredible. I was hovering between agony and ecstasy, all the while gagged staring into those incredible eyes. They have just burned through me and I long to see them again.

I had told Mistress Madox that I had something of a lipstick/gloss fetish. With this she lay next to me and applied her gloss over and over again, placing a kiss after kiss on the ball gag, agonisingly close to my lips but not close enough. That sweet strawberry scent was filling my nostrils as the voltage increased, this game went on for what felt like an eternity. I loved every second of it. Mistress Madox came in even closer to me “Are you ready for My strap on?” those were words I had dreamt of hearing. Gagged I nodded in response. With that I was released from the bench, bent over and taken like a slut from behind by Mistress, watching her reflection in the mirror as she penetrated and stretched me forcing me to inhale her worn panties with a lip gloss covered ball gag in my mouth. I was in heaven. I didn’t think It could get any better, I was wrong.

I was repositioned on my back, my legs in stirrups gazing up at the epitome of female perfection pounding me hard, gyrating her hips, coming all the way out then back into the hilt. In her left hand was her lip gloss which she applied again coating her lips in thick, thick gloss smiling at me. Those eyes having me transfixed, powerless, telling me to “take it”.  It was for me all too much.  Encased in latex, every sense at breaking point, all I could smell was her, all I could taste was her, all I could hear was her, all I could see was her, all I could feel was her penetrating her rubber toy, arms wrapped around my latex encased legs forcing herself deeper and deeper into my soul. I couldn’t cope. I cannot stop fantasising about those final few minutes and how absolutely beautiful she looked that sadistic glint in her stunning eyes.

After the session I showered and we dissected and chatted about the incredible first session. I couldn’t believe that two hours had elapsed.  As I recovered from my ordeal (two days later my nipples are still in agony!) I know the mental imagery will never leave me. Mistress Madox is a kind hearted, intelligent, trustworthy, creative, funny, and jaw droppingly beautiful woman that just oozes confidence, class and ultimate femininity. I feel privileged to have been allowed into her world, and cannot wait to see what the next instalment of our adventure is. I left after a warm embrace and one final inhalation of her addictive perfume.. I stepped back out into the real world feeling on cloud nine, with a massive smile across my face.

Mistress Madox is quite simply in a league and class of her own, I know I’m running out of superlatives to describe her but rest assured she is the most sumptuous rose that one could ever find.”


The most sumptuous rose that one could ever find – testimonial by slave ‘novella’

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