Another testimonial from My paypig groveling worthless slave @carbootslave from a domestic session. He is useless! He makes more mess than he cleans, which only results in him to having to do twice as much work to get it right. Of course I’m happy to double his punishment for his inadequacies.  A good kick in the balls seems to put him in line. He is just so sloppy! you need to work harder to please Me @carbootslave! He is called carbootslave because I take him out in the boot of my sports car. He is not worthy of sitting in the front with Me. I allow him a little bit of oxygen.. I am so kind ;)

i had visited several Mistresses before but never had i been quite so excited as when i approached Mistress Madox’s house.

i had once before had the privilege of kneeling at Mistress Madox’s feet in a double domme session. Her personality and stunning looks had transfixed me and i could hardly believe that i was about to be entirely at Her mercy!

She was dressed very beautifully in a blue dress and killer heels. After allowing me to massage Her gorgeous legs and feet, She could see i was getting over excited and kindly kicked me in the balls a few times to bring me back to earth and made it clear how much She was enjoying Herself at my expense.

Then She fetched lots of blouses and dresses for me to iron for Her whilst i only wore some pink frilly knickers. Whilst wandering over to check on my work, She would slap my buttocks. i began to chatter about what a marvellous evening i was having, so She put a gag on me to help me concentrate on the ironing.

After the ironing was done to Her satisfaction, i was allowed to thoroughly wash down the floor and all the walls and surfaces in Her kitchen.

At the end of the evening, Mistress Madox kindly drove me to the local supermarket to buy Her some supplies (after changing clothes and putting on some really gorgeous boots).

It was a very memorable evening with a wonderfully friendly and elegant young Lady and it was a great joy to serve Her.


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