A huge thank you to ‘footslave’ who took the time to write about his first session with Me. This testimonial was totally unexpected and I haven’t requested My slaves write anything for a while, but My slaves know I’m always happy to receive them and post them on My website. Enjoy!

Testimonial by ‘footslave’

As my session time neared I had a mixture of emotions flowing through me. Nervous being a novice not knowing what to expect. On the other hand I was fuelled with excitement to see Mistress Madox for the first time. The thought of being ordered about by her made my body feel alive as I waited outside the chambers. As the door opened I was greeted by a strikingly  domineering young lady who stood 6ft 2 or more in thigh boots. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Mistress wore an outfit which was discussed through email. An elegant corset to be precise. Hazel eyes stared at me with delight automatically making me subservient towards her.

Brought to the upstairs dungeon room I was ordered to strip and kneel, feeling completely submissive in the presence of Mistress. I waited for her command as a nervous yet excited novice at her boots.

Tied to the cross I felt powerless. Ropes wrapped firmly around my wrists and ankles. My first ever taste of bondage had came upon me. Covered with a hood and a collared added to the bondage experience, the feeling of being smothered in leather was a fantasy that had become true. I felt like I was owned by Mistress.

Untied from the cross Mistress noticed I had been starring at her boots. I longed to worship these boots, to clean the soles and heels. Tugged by my collar with a firm point to her boots I began to worship them licking the dirt. Mistress made sure I cleaned them well.

Mistress demanded her boots to be removed. Being a foot fetish sub I wanted to feel worthless at her feet. Verbally and physically, she made sure of it too. Smothered by her feet all over my body I was then trampled making me feel in ecstasy. Trampled like as if I was a doormat. Yes Mistress’ own personal doormat I had become. It felt right too.

Mistress Madox made sure I felt at ease for my first ever session. I felt alive after the outer body experience Mistress had made me feel. After all doesn’t every Mistress need her own personal doormat slave?