Mistress Madox review by nappy lover

On arrival I had to wait a little while before the doctor was ready for me. I waited in her surgery nervously in anticipation of what lay ahead…….

The door opened and I was greeted by a smiling beauty in a white coat, her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders. She wore a tight figure hugging dark dress with a short skirt to half way down her perfect thighs.

My embarrassing problem didn’t faze the doctor as she questioned me about the issues was having. Moving close to me I could feel her breath on my face as I looked straight ahead into her ample chest, I could feel her hands on my belt slowly unbuckling it and loosening my jeans buttons, she looked me in the eye telling me to relax. Her hand glided down the front of my jeans and felt around, it felt good her cold fingers probing my underwear finding what she was looking for and not very pleased with her discovery.

“You’re very wet down there” she said, “very wet indeed”…..I said nothing as she looked at me in disgust….”Your problem is no better then, it’s a good job my colleagues insisted that you wear nappies”

With her forceful tone she instructed me to get up on the examination table when upon I had my jeans roughly pulled down and removed exposing the white plastic of the disposable nappy that was until now hiding beneath my trousers.

“I’m going to have to change your nappy” she said softly touching the front, teasing the growing bulge that was evident for her to see.

Unfastening the adhesive tapes either side of my nappy I lay there totally in her control as the doctor gently cleaned and teased me further.

I was instructed to lift up my bottom as she slid a clean fresh cold nappy underneath me drawing up the white padding between my legs smoothing it over my hardening penis, with expect precision, the doctor fastened one side and then the other softly caressing the plastic ensuring it was a snug fit, her fingers ran through the leg holes teasing me further. My nappy change was done and I was allowed to get up. That I thought would be the end of my medical consultation but I was wrong, further procedures awaited me.

Not realising what was coming next the doctor said she needed to check my prostate, an evil glint and wry smile came across her face as she told me her preferred method was for me to lie across her lap whilst the procedure was carried out.

Doctor sat herself down making sure she was comfortable, running her hands over the stocking covered thighs I saw her skirt raise a little exposing the lace top of her sexy black stockings. I was slowly bent over her knee and her hand entered the elasticated leg hole of my so far clean nappy.

I could feel the cold of the jelly that was already on her gloved digit, slowly circling round teasing me again before the gentle but firm pushing of her finger. I lay there held firmly by the doctors other hand, she laughed gently to herself as I squirmed on her lap for what seemed ages.

Slowly she withdrew her hand from my nappy leaving held over her knee as the white padding was pushed into my crack wiping up the leftover jelly from my examination.

Something wasn’t right to the doctor, she moved her hand between my legs running her soft touch towards the now massively bulging front part of my nappy..

Her mood changed instructing me to remove myself from her lap. I stood in front of her with no chance of hiding the massive erect member that was causing so much strain on the tight plastic covering of the nappy she had so expertly put me in.

A strict look came across her face as she touched and slapped the bulge in the absorbent underwear…

“You’re aroused aren’t you…..” she said squeezing the nappy making me wince. ”I don’t allow my patients to get aroused when I’m examining them”

“Dirty naughty boys get erections with their filthy thoughts” she scolded, “Naughty boys who have naughty thoughts need punishing” I was told.

I knew what was coming and I trembled in fear and anticipation.

“You need a hard spanking young man” she said as I was dragged firmly once more over the perfect thighs of my doctor.

Her hand stroked the back of my nappy, I felt and heard the plastic crinkling as she ran her expert hands over my bottom teasing me before the impact of each slap.

The silence was suddenly shattered as a loud crack filled the air accompanied with the inevitable thud of palm on nappy. It carried on for a few more spanks before stopping…..I then felt her fingers round the waist band of my protective underwear edging it down exposing the bare flesh of my white bottom.

The spanking resumed now on my bare bottom, each spank delivering a sharp stinging pain to my exposed bottom. Holding my nappy clear with one hand she delivered a sound firm spanking to my now glowing cheeks, stopping once in a while to check on my erection seeing if it was still standing proud, more spanks followed ensuring that her authority was well and truly stamped into my mind.

Instructed to remove myself from her lap I got up rubbing my glowing cheeks, a cheeky smile looked back at me as was well and truly in her command.

Touching my nappy once more she said “no more naughty thoughts or you will be punished again”

“One last thing before you go” the doctor said, reaching into her bag, “I’m going to put these on you” holding up a pair of plastic pants, making me step into each leg she pulled them up over my disposable nappy snapping the waist band on my stomach, “we don’t want any leaks now do we” patting my plastic attire…….


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