Mistress Madox review 3 by sub clare

Upon opening the door to the chambers my Mistress Madox struck me down with her stunning dark beauty. Leggy, tall and, as only a Domme can be, handsome. I have a thing for beautiful eyes and…teeth…Mistress DOES NOT disappoint!

I was nervous as a sub should be who is about to meet his Mistress and also incredibly excited! Having spoken to Mistress a week or so earlier in order to arrange our session I was already put at ease that SHE was the right choice. She is elegant and friendly to talk to and charming to meet in the flesh and she immediately put my little sissy-self at ease.

Shaved, clean and fully prepared, I made my way in and was asked to undress so as to be inspected. Glad I’d made an effort to impress; Mistress complimented me upon my choice of clothes neatly laid out and ironed and ready to be worn; then, soon-to-be disregarded with relish as she would show me where I’d been going wrong. I was fulfilled with a sense of awe and wonder as this amazonianesque woman (I’m only 5’6) looked me up and down: knowing in her mind that SHE was going to certainly show me the error of my ways and that I was going to love it, or failing that, LEARN to love it.

Knowing I’d mentioned the St Andrew’s Cross and its appeal Mistress lead me to my first place of restraint after having me dress in what I’d brought. White blouse, nice tight jumper and black mini-skirt with skull & crossbones on, ass-less and crotch-less knickers, pink, footless hold-ups and beautiful french-whore style shoes (that’s what they remind me of!). I was freshly shaven all over, toes painted a cosy pink and perfumed…however Mistress saw to it that I was even prettier by applying some of her own make-up to my face. This was a first time for me to be made-up and the feeling was powerful. I’d been dressing up since about 15 but to have eye-shadow, pencil, lipstick and what-ever else(!) was very sensual.

Mistress had seen to it that I was restrained before she took the rope to my cock and balls and pegs to my nipples as she was out of nipple clamps! The dungeon is split between two rooms with one fulfilling an almost Victorian torture chamber mental-ward vibe, complete with what looks like a jet engine to fry your nads off if you overstep the mark (it’s there to keep the room warm…it was cold that day!) and the entry room which is where my torture would take place

Mistress told me of her pleasure to finger and thumb a slave’s nipples straight after the pegs had been removed to offer maximum pain/pleasure…what went to whom was painfully obvious as soon as she did this I can fucking tell you! Never before had I experienced that and nor do I wish to again (Mistress may have other plans). I was pushed to a sensual mental orgasm (without physically cumming) while I was undergoing this treatment and look back fondly now at what was both exquisite and (almost) excruciating.

By this point Mistress C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y had me in her grasp and we where only a 3rd into the…lesson. I was there to learn what Mistress could teach me about pain, mine: and the soon to be pleasurable experience Mistress would get from my ass.


Stalked by this most feminine of creatures whilst receiving such a cold, reviving slice of ATTENTION…and AGAIN…SLAP!!…is a thing to experience. It is enlivening, enlightening, enthralling and entertaining too!

Mistress applied the electrics to my cock and, eventually got to grips with it…the controls for the dongle…so to speak. A newbie at this I soon fell under its electrical spell and was writhing in ecstasy against the wall with my wrists in cuffs and my angles too. I love this feeling. I live for this feeling. I’m alive!

Despite my gushing sentiments at this point toward my predicament and Mistress I must also point out that I live a normal life with a partner and all the rest and this is just a slice of who I have become…and at the moment when I am in the dungeon going through all this I don’t feel shame but truth that at least the two of us can experience this shared experience (Mistress and slave). There is of course the aspect of supply and demand but it dissolves into irrelevance in this kind of situation where this exchange goes on.

I’m taken down from the cross and lead to the leg-akimbo ‘chair of fun’. It’s a chair and more than one person had their fun there…believe me!

..I jumped up into the ‘stirrups’ and lay back for what would prove to be a bumpy ride…Mistress took some time in deliberating exactly which toy to strap on and only chanced upon her ‘favourite’ after declaring her first choice “Too Dirty”. She then picked out a trusted, pink vibrator and eased it where the sun don’t shine anymore; this was a nice, easy opening-question and one which accelerated proceedings as did Mistress by using some lube. It was hard for Mistress to get up-close-and-personal and therefore required a little bit of shifting around on my behalf which then resulted in me becoming a lot more open to the experience.

The tool with which Mistress entered me was a bit larger than the vibrator and missed it’s target initially but was quickly laser-guided onto it’s target. Heat-seeking indeed. This devotion I love and Mistress clearly loved this too so I decided to help things along by taking the ride to a slightly deeper place by looking into Mistresses’ eyes and easing myself closer and closer till I could take the whole shaft.

Devine Mistress I worship you and want to show you!

Not one to let me top from the bottom too much Mistress pushed me harder and made me understand who was Boss.

After several minutes of this bliss Mistress withdrew and I was allowed down from the chair to strip. I undressed, first removing my jumper, blouse and skirt as Mistress had already removed my panties (although, being crotchless and ass-less she didn’t have to) and then my sexy heels so my cute toes where on complete display. Coming up behind me Mistress then positioned me in front of the mirror and also had me looking at my profile too with her nestled in to my bottom…this was a highlight of the session to see such a beauty so close to me, dominating me and loving every thrust.
I was in awe of my Mistress at this point, and I say ‘my’ as I felt like I was hers at the same time as she being all mine, this feeling was a beautiful thing to behold and I was even more excited at what may happen next. For the whole hour Mistress had not let me take on any liquids and now felt it was time to let me quench my thirst. Mistress withdrew once more from behind me and I asked to taste her cock…”of course” she replied. I felt dirty and loved every lick…me kneeling beneath Mistress while she savoured MY devotion to HER. Once clean she then removed the strap-on and her knickers and then instructed me to drink.

Drink I did…it was a large drink that the kind lady of my desires had prepared for me and I did not disappoint her by drinking most of what was proffered…a sweet and beautiful elixir that only my Mistress could have concocted. However I did spill some as I was also occupied doing something else at the same time! Soon I was overcome and collapsed on the floor, sodden, full and completely sated and, happily degraded.

Mistress, these are only words and the pleasure of serving you, such a beautiful, kind and giving Mistress, has reawakened in my a desire to serve. And from now on YOU are the ONE I shall serve.

I look forward to our next encounter with great relish!

sub clare.


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