I spent a lot of time reading through the website of Mistress Madox before booking a session with her. Mistress Madox has some great testimonials, and on her sessions page she says that she is a genuine sadist who takes great delight in inflicting pain.  Although I am not into heavy pain, I can only enjoy a session if the Mistress enjoys it, so I went there with the intention of trying to have my limits increased.  Little did I know just how much they would be increased and how enjoyable it would be.

Mistress Madox’s Manchester dungeon is a two and a half hour drive away, and I was hoping that using up most of the day would be worthwhile.  It was, and then some. So much so that I cannot wait to go back and have my limits stretched further. I so much want to be trained to take Mistress’s full power.

As I approached Mistress Madox’s place I was unsure of my bearings, but because she could see me out of the window, she put her head out of the window and waved and smiled to me to attract my attention.  That was a nice touch. Out of session, Mistress Madox is really kind and friendly.

As soon as Mistress Madox opened the door, I was quite taken aback by her beauty. I couldn’t stop myself from saying: “Wow, you’re beautiful!” Mistress Madox is beautiful from head to toe.

We had a discussion about the session and although I don’t normally like heavy pain, I asked that no safeword be used. This is because I like the Mistress to be fully in control. Mistress Madox insisted that we use the traffic light system, because she loves inflicting pain and needed to know my limits, in order to ensure that the pain was not so severe that it spoiled the session for me.

The dungeon (and the rest Mistress Madox’s premises) are spotlessly clean, and her equipment is cleaned and sterilised.

Mistress Madox has some really high quality, custom made equipment in her dungeon, and I was stripped and immediately attached to something that I can best describe as a metal star with chains attached to it, so the arms and legs can be kept at different angles. Perfect for NT and CBT.

After attaching me to the star, Mistress went to fetch her needle studded electric ball parachute and walked towards me, smiling wickedly and looking deep into my eyes. I was immediately spellbound and into subspace. I have never yet been in a position whereby I have been taken into subspace even before the Mistress has laid a finger on me. I just knew that this session was going to be my best ever.

As I looked into Mistress Madox’s eyes, I saw an unrivalled beauty, yet a dark piercing cruelty deep in her eyes that bewitched me totally.

Mistress Madox was able to coax me into taking more and more pain for her with electrics, nipple torture and sharp heels, after which I was allowed to worship Mistress Madox’s beautiful feet.

I was then tied into a bent over position and told that I was going to be caned. This worried me a bit because I can’t normally take heavy pain and in sessions with other Mistresses I normally ask not to be caned. In the past, canings I’ve received from a few other Mistresses have ruined the session for me due to the excessive pain. I didn’t mention this to Mistress Madox because, having read her website thoroughly, I knew that she loves using the cane, and I did not want to deprive her of the pleasure. The caning was very different to canings I’ve received before. Mistress Madox did a brilliant job of warming me up until she knew I could take the cane for her. I really enjoyed being caned and I could have taken more for Mistress. Mistress smiled and laughed wickedly while she hurt me with the cane and that encouraged me to want to take it harder for her.

I haven’t described everything that happened in the session. This is really an overview, but Mistress worked very quickly in order to ensure that not a single second was wasted.

My dream is that one day I will be back serving Mistress Madox, but with no safeword and no traffic light usage, knowing that Mistress will hurt me as I look into her beautifully cruel eyes.

Although I cannot claim to have served every Mistress in Manchester, I can say that this is the best session I have ever experienced anywhere, and with an expert Mistress who is dedicated to providing a mutually enjoyable experience.

Thank you very much for the best ever experience Mistress Madox

To any sub reading this, my hope is that you are encouraged to session with Mistress Madox.  You will be very pleased that you did




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