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Spanked with Her feet! – Testimonial by V slave with Manchester Mistress Madox

My whole universe has been reduced to the inside of her domain. Thousands of tiny pins stab mercilessly across the electrical connections Mistress Madox has installed on me. Her face mimics my pained expression, though seeing her gorgeous red lips contort to mock my suffering is just adorable. Once more I am just beyond my limit, kept skillfully at this point by her divine finger and thumb. Her hypnotic eyes hold my gaze, preventing me from falling into the abyss. By her design I am held motionless. The pain comes in pulses. Past and future fade away and I live the moment. A Nirvana moment. A priceless moment. A groundhog moment, I wish.

Earlier I kneel at her throne for the fifth time. The collar she places around my neck has Pavlovian properties, immediately focusing my submission to her. I am on my back, one spiked heel teases the chastity device while the other enters my mouth. If you had your hands free where would they defend ? Head or genitals ? One hand each ? Lucky for me Mistress wouldn’t want me troubled by such decisions so my hands are bound out of the way.

Her boots are removed. She no longer needs symbols of power to control me. She never did. Ten playful, ambrosial toes have their way with me. Who’d have thought toes could be so sadistic ? Photos are taken. Qualifying to be painted into her ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ becomes harder each session but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Once the toes are bored and push me away I feel like I’ve been expelled from heaven.

Hogtied and on my front. Have you ever been foot spanked before ? Me neither, until now. Mistress Madox is inspired today. Focusing her imagination on me. It is a unique experience I would recommend to anyone reading this. Mistress Madox is quite athletic and can generate some force. The sound is special. So is the pain. Mistress Madox can always be relied upon to be very creative. I am always happy to suffer for her art when slave canvas is her chosen medium.

Never say “No holes barred,” it can get you into all kinds of trouble.

Around me in her stylish domain, everything present is functional, beautiful or both.

The greatest gift a slave can offer his Mistress is complete submission. The feeling of completely relinquishing control is amazing and like no other. Finding a Mistress worthy of such a gift can take a long time. Mistress Madox has my submission. Would you like to give her yours too?

v slave hog tied


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