This is a testimonial from slave N when we had our first session together over a year ago in Reddish. I’ve been meaning to put this up since before Xmas and haven’t had time. Thank you slave N for your testimonial. This seems very tame in comparison to the extreme levels of torture and contortion you suffer with by My hands these days. Every session more extreme than the last. Fantastic! :)


My first session with Mistress Madox

I am fairly new to this scene, my only experience to date had been a handful of visits to another mistress. I decided after looking on the internet and reading about Mistress Madox to email her and make contact.

After my initial email Mistress came back to me very promptly and soon we had discussed my experiences (very limited) and also other areas I wanted to experience.

Within 5 day of the first email I found myself knocking on the door of Mistresses Chambers in Reddish Stockport. I was very nervous and could feel my heart pounding through my chest.

Mistress opened the door and was amazed by her statue, body and beauty. She lead me into her chambers, and started to talk to me about the session. Then mistress left the room and told me to wait, I was extremely apprehensive just standing in the chambers all alone. Then Mistress entered and she seemed in a different person. I was told to stand fully clothed, Mistress then started to undress me, taking my top of first and walking around me when I was half undressed, then pinching my nipples to test the effect.

Mistress then applied 2 cuffs around each of my wrists and attached me to her cross I began to feel very vulnerable, next Mistress took down my trousers to leave me in just my boxers Mistress then started to tease, but tweak pull and pinch my nipples and started to squeeze and slap my goods within my boxers.

Mistress then walked over to a bench and came back with some nipple clamps that were attached buy a chain, these she delicately attached to each nipple followed by a squeeze that sent pain running through my body forcing me on to my toes.

My boxers were soon discarded followed by a quick sharp slap to my cock, my body tried to move but to no avail.

Cuffs were then attached to either ankle, legs spread and attached to the cross, I remember thinking and being told by Mistress how exposed I was and how she could do anything she wanted and Pain and Pleasure was going to follow.

Mistress turned and kicked me quickly straight between the legs, I was shocked, felt pain run through my balls and into my stomach. I knew who was in control and I had no idea how and what pain I would encounter during the session

Mistress then went to her bench and came back with a parachute that she quickly attached to my balls and gave it a quick tug forcing me to bend at the knees, but only as far as the cuffs on my wrists would allow, this was the first of many sensations my balls would feel. Next Mistress started to add weights to my balls each one weighing ?? and pulling my balls towards the ground, Then the pinwheel made an appearance. I trembled as I felt the spikes digging into my thighs, balls and cock, as Mistress laughed at my moans of pain. Then Mistress would move to my nipples and use the wheel on them looking down at me straight in the eye and smiling as she inflicted more and more pain.

Mistress then let me down from the cross and led me by the balls to her throne, I was ordered to my knees and then told to worship Mistresses beautiful legs and bottom.

Next I was led again by my balls to the framed bed fasten down by my hands and feet and Mistress sat on my chest and inflicted all sorts of pain and pleasure to my cock and balls with the electrics.

What a fun first session, I will definitely be returning to see Mistress Madox in the very near future.

Slave N


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