Painslut willy testimonial

I waited feverously in the warm well lit dungeon that the perfect Mistress Madox sessions within, my heart beating fast and loudly, and then down the corridor I hear the sounds of a stiletto heel slowly coming towards me. Closer and closer the clicks of a sharp heel on a wooden floor got louder and louder and my heart raced more and more.

Then suddenly silence. The heels stop outside the door. My eyes are fixed awaiting  the sight of a goddess. I hear a gentle intake of breath, my every sense on maximum alert, then slowly the door opens and a shining angel in black and red stands before me, silhouetted by the light of the corridor, a black haired goddess and I thought that my heart would skip a beat at this point.

Slowly Mistress Madox glided into the chamber, superior in every way, and towered over me in her dark black boots. My eyes are transfixed as this vision of perfection addressed me. Mistress is a good 6 feet tall in her heels, powerfully built with long dark hair and alabaster skin, with a full figure, that would not be out of place on the catwalks of Milan.  Piercing eyes saw through my skin and stared straight into my sole. I was speechless, transfixed by Mistress’s beauty.

Mistress Madox is not a rock hard dominatrix, she never raises her voice and shouts, she does not need to, but is delightfully cruel with a hypnotic laugh and takes immense pleasure in tormenting her subjects and slowly tests them and gradually increases punishments taking you further and further away from the vanilla world into mistresses wonderful world of pleasure (hers) and pain (yours).

Mistress informed me that I would be pushed further than I had ever been pushed previously, my pain threshold, with other less enlightened mistresses, had always previously been low, and I could not take much CBT and NT and the merest tap of the cane made me scream. “Trust me”, mistress whispered and with that I was hers, totally under her spell.

The session commenced with mistress testing my limits with heels slowly pressing into my pressure points and feeling the discomfort building inside of me. Next was nipple torment, one of the Mistresses great delights is applying pegs and cloverleaf clamps to her miscreants’ nipples and seeing the pain in your eyes before ripping the clamps off.

I was then instructed to position myself over the whipping bench where I was slowed spanked, each blow rising in intensity, and I counted each wonderful application of mistresses hand upon my bottom. I could feel my ass slowly becoming more and more redder, until mistress instructed me that I was now ready for the paddle. Again each blow of the paddle grew harder, with the odd gentle blow, followed by a harder more intense stroke. Wave after wave of pleasure broke over me as the majesty of Mistress Madox reigned over me, supreme in every way, her right arm delivering reminders of her divinity that was felt throughout my entire body. My bottom was being attacked but my soul had been surrendered.

Once properly prepared mistress had an idea for a new more cruel method of CBT, and gently laughed as her plan of punishment formed in her mind. This was no standard scripted session; mistress does not work in that manner, but a dynamic evolving ever changing session. Released from the whipping bench I was fitted with a ball parachute, spreader bar between my ankles, nipple clamps fitted with a short chain between the ends, and a chain leash fastened around my neck. Mistress unveiled a large amount of very heavy chain and attached this to the parachute. My balls felt the weight of the heavy chain and strained as they were pulled downwards towards the floor.

Mistress smiled, not a good sign for me, and fed the chain under the leg spreader and then up though the chain between my nipples and then attach the leash from my neck and over a metal bar over and in front of my head and finally down to a ratchet . Mistress laughed, a worse sign for me, and slowly the ratchet was turned taking up the slack on the chain, pulling my balls down and my nipples further away from my body. Pain exploded everywhere, my balls screamed, my nipples ached, yet mistress corrected my posture, “head up, shoulders back, and deep breaths”. My body responded to Mistresses command and the pain became bearable, my body was adapting to be mistresses pain toy. “Click”, the ratchet moves forward one notch, which pulls the chains further away. Mistress Madox smiled and laughed, admiring her handiwork. “Click” after “Click” rang out around the chamber, as mistress moves the handle of the ratchet, and more CBT and NT are applied synchronously to my frame. Mistress is certainly pushing my limits, yet I have found a serenity, the pain has subsided, and been replaced by pleasure and I am completely ensconced in Mistresses perfect world. “Click, Click, Click, Click” results in more and more pleasure.

Mistress is not satisfied yet and is insatiable today, with her mind leaping forward in a completely different direction. “Electrics !!!”, and electrodes are fitted to my cock, and soon my body is dancing to the rhythm of Mistress Madox, her hand on the controls of the electrics box, has me dancing to her tune. Slowly at first, a waltz, moving across the ballroom of my cock in a slow rhythm, gently rolling over me in a slow movement. This build up slowly to a foxtrot, as sharp flicks of electricity daintily fire, then to the tango, where deep pulse fire into my balls, and then fireworks erupt in a mad electro punk rave as the electric current plays its tune over the shaft and into my penis head which screams in exquisite agony. Higher and higher the dial goes, Mistress encourages me, obviously enjoying every second, “you can take it”, “just a little more”, and I want to take the pain that Mistress is proving me, I want to take it for her. Suddenly the dance is over, the electrics die down, I am breathless, not believing the sensations that I am experiencing.

Mistress is not finished yet, it’s a symphony that Mistress is conducting. Act 1 might be over but there is no intermission, act 2 has begun, Mistress has her electrical baton, and directs her electrical orchestra to start the next dance. Dance after dance explode over me, never the same tune, never the same length, always a different intensity. I am mistress’s puppet, her marionette, and she causes me to twitch and vibrate at a flick of switch and the turn of a dial. Adrenaline and endorphins course though my body, leaving me on a huge high, my mind swimming in a sea of pleasure. Finally the dance is over, the electric orchestra packed away and I am freed from my chains.

However the session is not over, all the session has built into this one moment, can I take the cane.

I am lead into place and secured again on the whipping bench, with my bottom presented to Mistress, still pulsing and warm from the paddle previously. Mistress selects two canes and places them before me, my instruments of fear teasing me. “Take a good look”, Mistress instructs me, before blindfolding me. “It’s no fun if you can see the strokes coming”, as Mistress gently chuckles.

I hear the cane being picked up and slowly cleaned with antiseptic wipes, before the swish of the cane is heard flying through the air, but it does not land, the is mistresses torment, never knowing when you will meet destiny. Swish, swish the teasing continues, before the first blow lands. “1″ I count, “2″ as the second stroke kisses my bottom, “3,4,5,6″ follow in quick succession then “7,8,9,10″, all landing in separate places, making perfect tram lines across my bottom. “11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20″ are all counted out. I can’t believe it, taking 20 strokes of the cane would have been impossible only a short time before, but now under Mistress Madox’s control and guidance I’d done it. The feeling was unbelievable.

I felt the second cane being picked up, and the first cane was places back next to me. The swish of the second cane was different to the first, lots more whip and flex in it, and I could feel and hear it swaying back and forth just above my head. In my euphoria I had forgotten about the second cane. In my mind’s eye I could see mistresses smile, she knew I thought it was over, but that is another part of the physiological element of Mistress Madox. She gets inside you head and plays with your mind, making the session work on so many more different levels.

Another 20 strokes fell, slowly and methodically adding to the marks already present from the first cane, much sharper blows, more intense, but mistress had prepared me well, she knew me better than I knew myself. My mistress knew what I was capable of and slowly she took me there. I’d reached my Nirvana.


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