Indomitable – that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable: an indomitable warrior.

A few years ago when I owned My own chambers in Manchester, I was heavily invested in My future being in the BDSM industry on a full time basis. Unknowingly to Me, fate had other plans! Some very difficult circumstances, horribly negative experiences and increased awareness pushed Me in another direction. That direction was to utilise My incredible mind on another level, in a career that was equally as satisfying, equal if not greater in salary, safer and much more stable long term. I also knew I was so much more than just a Mistress!

It seemed a waste not to use the degree I had worked for. Obviously this put Me in a difficult position with regards to Mistressing. The pressure of trying to build My new career and manage sessions on top of other commitments was becoming too much. It was frustrating because I wanted to do both. In the end, something had to give!

Mistressing long term is not a viable career unless you want to run your own dungeon. I learned from having My own that this is not something I wish to repeat! Often times, renting out your dungeon can come with danger and drama. I’ve seen many things over the years that other Mistresses have been through. Not good either! I’d rather enjoy it as a hobby.

During My transition I toyed with the idea of quitting and even retired for a while so I could focus on my career. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to return. Thankfully I am now in a position that I return, but only on a part time basis. When I say part time, I mean by appointment only on the occasional weekday evening 4.30pm until 7pm and occasional weekend by appointment. My schedule does not afford Me the space to connect with lifestyle slaves or enjoy anything outside of the dungeon, i.e., shopping, money drop off, outdoor etc. I physically don’t have the time for anything more than dungeon sessions. This will remain consistent going forward. My free time is very precious.

Its going to take Me a little while to get some new photos and transform the look of My website. I expect by the end of August everything will be up and running. If you want to session with Me in the meantime whilst I get everything together, do drop Me an email: There is no point calling My phone, I never answer. I do respond to texts though, with a view to calling for a phone consultation when its convenient for both parties.

So my dear slaves! See you soon.

Its great to be back!!!!

Mistress Madox