Humiliation Session

Last night I met My slave in Manchester for a session at his hotel. (I only see My regulars at home or hotels because I trust them. I would not do this for a new slave) The night started with him nervously meeting Me at the train station wearing his red women’s underwear and presents in hand. He had no idea what to buy Me so you can imagine how concerned he was not knowing if what he had bought would be accepted. Lucky for him I was very pleased with the gifts he bought and so off we went to his hotel.

As soon as we entered the room I sent him to ordered a meal on room service for 2 people. Salmon fillet and chips and a Chicken Balti and rice. Whilst we waited for the food to arrive I made him him massage My feet.

Once the food arrived I placed paper on the floor, My slave looked at the paper in anticipation of what I would do next. I took the salad from My plate, placed it on the paper and trampled all over it. “Eat your dinner now slave” I ordered. He looked at Me with thanks and proceeded to enjoy his meagre portion of food. I of course enjoyed eating the salmon and some of the curry.


Once fed and satisfied it seemed only fair to not to waste the rest of the food so I placed the remaining curry and rice and chips on the plate and onto the floor and squashed them with my feet. My slave now hungry by this point was more than eager to clean the curry and rice from My feet with his mouth and eat the rest from the plate. I laughed as I watched his nose dripping with snot, rice all over his face, curry up his nose, mango chutney on his cheeks and his innocent obedient eyes just looking up at Me with gratitude and awe.


Obviously I wasn’t satisfied with just these acts and and decided the humiliation had to go much further! So off to the bathroom I went and made My slave a glass of home made Mistress’s Vintage Champagne.


Once again not satisfied, I decided to add a slice of lime, some salt and some ice. My new creation was complete! I told My slave to get dressed and off we went downstairs to the public hotel bar. I ordered a cup of camomile and My slave carried around his drink. “Kiss My Feet!” I ordered. My slave looked at Me reluctantly…”but its so busy in here” he exclaimed with a look of panic on his face! I just smiled and told him he has no choice. So around the table he went kissing My boots in a public bar. He scurried back to his seat in nervous anticipation that someone was watching. The people in the bar paid no interest at all. He had gotten away with it.

Once again I wasn’t satisfied and after watching him drink My Mistress Champagne in a tall glass with ice we went back to the room. By this point I was in the mood to punish him! “Undress, get on your knees, arms above your head and spread your legs!” I ordered firmly. My slave did as he was told and was forcibly kicked in the balls several times for his reluctance to follow orders in the bar. No slave should be reluctant when Mistress orders him to do something!

Still not satisfied I felt it was time to put him in the bath and cover him in ice! Shivering and shaking he complained! “I’m cold Mistress”. I laughed as I felt My bladder was ready! “Time to warm you up then slave” I said as I proceeded to defrost his frozen genitals with a stream of piss! I then ordered him to lick the bath clean and get on his knees in the bath. “You’re a dirty little useless wanker” I shouted! “Yes I am a dirty little useless wanker” he replied as I spat in his face and face slapped him until I was bored of him. I left him there to go and get a shower then rinsed his wallet on the way out.

What a great session that was! Mistress was on a real high after the session for hours. I didn’t know until yesterday that I enjoy food play and public humiliation so much! I am definitely up for more of this!