A day to treasure – Mistress’s Cane

The seconds count down to the allotted time for my appointment with Mistress and I feel my heart pounding with excitement at being within my Goddess’s presence once again.

The watch hand clicks to the hour and I enter Mistresses divine chamber , built to Her exacting standards, and I was blown away with Mistress creativity, and how the chamber exactly matches Her persona, every element is intricately designed, which subtle lighting, and an eye to detail that only comes from the heart. Mistress has put Her heart and soul on display and it’s a thing of beauty, elegant and sophistication.

The door to the chamber silently closed and I bowed my head, I was Hers again, and every fibre of my body wished to please Mistress and bring Her pleasure. Mistress smiled, that cheeky grin that lets the world know that a special idea is forming.

A session of new experiences was in store for Her slave today, and as my clothing was removed new items of attire were extracted from Mistress’s wardrobe and this humble slave was soon dressed as Mistress’s new Barbie doll, with white stockings, full wig, arm binder and gas mask, which pleased Mistress very much, and my heart jumped for joy to see Mistress so happy.


The arm binder was removed and I was instructed to ‘rest’ face down on the sumptuous black leather full body bench, and my arms secured to prevent unnecessary movement. I heard the rattle of rattan behind me as Mistress selected Her cane. A cold caning for you today slave, no warm up. I’d heard only stories of how severe a cold caning could be, as Mistress had always previously spent a long time warming the skin slowly, in preparation for the cane.

Mistress slowly drew the cane across my bottom, teasing my nerve endings. I relaxed, a 100% trust in my Goddess, She knew I was ready for this step over the cliff of submission. I felt the cane lift away from my cheeks and then the swish of the air being pushed in front of the cane followed by the thud of hard rattan on soft skin. The sensation was extreme, every nerve fibre on the path of the cane exploded in one almighty bolt of lightning…. “Breathe through it” Mistress whispered, and I relaxed again and concentrated on following Mistress’s kind words. A further 5 blows fell upon me, each slightly more intense than the last, but Mistress brought me through, taking time to permitting me to recover between each stroke.

Time for some heat, and my Queen reached for the candle, and I slowly felt the warm rain drops of wax falling upon my bruised bottom, from top to bottom the patter continued until the entire candle had been used, each drop producing a moment of intense sensation and before mellowing as the wax cooled against my skin, only to be replaced by the next droplet of demonic pleasure.

My fun/torment has only just begun, Mistresses quietly spoken words echoed into my soul, and Mistress produced a large tube of Deep Heat and applied liberally to my now throbbing backside.  The now cooled small droplets of wax protected some small areas of my bottom, and as Mistress slowly applied the cream so did the fire as my bottom slowly started to glow, more intensely with each passing second. Mistress glided across Her immaculate gleaming floors, slowing laughing at my predicament, with the burning becoming more and more intense, and my backside becoming a human lava lamp as the glow became ever brighter.

Mistress instructed me to tell Her when the fire started to cool, and upon this moment, Mistress told me that the next phase of training could commence, and the cane was picked up again. Count the strokes in groups of 10, and thank Mistress after each 10 strokes I was instructed, and I duly commenced my count, as each group of 10 was counted Mistress would pause, and survey the battlefield of destruction that my backside had become.  50 strokes were landed, each stroke being perfectly aligned with the one previously.

The wax was removed from my bottom using Mistress’s ingenuity (which caused Mistress to laugh and giggle at Her own inventiveness), She scraped off the wax with a cheese grater whilst laughing sadistically, and the caning resumed again. 100 strokes were reached, each in groups of 10, and I was drifting off into the wonderful world of subspace, and I was totally relaxed and letting each stroke roll over me, breathing deeply into and out of each stroke, and world was complete, never have I left more happy and contented.

150 strokes were reached, the Deep Heat that Mistress had previously applied, had warmed my bottom up every well, and the marking was not extreme, so Mistress informed me that the next set would be very strong. Mistress is a very powerful Dominant and has been working out with Her personal trainer to further enhance Her already strong muscles. Mistress assured me that I was doing well and slowly She resumed and the stroke count increased. Mistress pushed me to 180, and I felt in a dream state as wave after wave of pleasure broke over me. Mistress paused and reviewed my bottom again, we’ll push for a round 200 She informed me. Her belief in me to take this level of punishment was absolute, and my trust and submission to Her was also as resolute. Slowly the final 20 strokes were applied, each stroke felt deeper and more intense than the last and I was in heaven as my Mistress bestowed angelic delights upon me, my body was so relaxed and I felt I was floating, it was a superb experience that only one person in the whole world could have taken me to. I felt honoured and privileged to have received this feeling that only a true Goddess could have bestowed upon me.


Mistress released me from my confines and let me relax to slowly return down from my high, and once fully restored to a fully functional slave, Mistress informed me that I had pleased Her, and that now it was time for a change, my backside had taken enough attention and now it was time for my balls to receive an attitude adjustment.

Mistress extracted one of Her latest toys from Her ever increasing collection,  Mistress is always increasing Her arsenal, and has now has a huge array of toys to entice Her minions, a humbler which I had never seen before, a medieval device which pulls the balls whilst the bars of the humbler are located behind the thighs. Mistress slowly tightened the screws clamping my balls in place, and instructed me to raise from my kneeling position. Needless to say I did not get far, a couple of inches movement pulled on my balls which screamed in pain. Mistress pushed me back down, laughing at my predicament, I was stuck, immobile and ripe for punishment. The small flogger was used on my balls, each blow causing me to move slightly and cause the humbler to do its work. Mistress also used a pin wheel on my balls, the tiny spikes digging into my flesh, but I knew I could not move else I incur the wrath of the humbler. Mistress alternated flogger and pinwheel so I never knew which experience was coming next. Finally Mistress released me from my torment and I could finally stand upright.

We had been working our away around the dungeon and now came to Mistress’s cross decked out in shiny stainless steel chains that looked amazing in the spotlight above. I was attached to the cross and my stocking legs pulled while apart. “Your balls need more attention” Mistress informed me, and reached for a parachute from the equipment rack beside Her. Once attached I know that Mistress was going to push me, the theme was new experiences, and I saw a huge collection of very heavy weights on the floor. Mistress picked up a weight and attached to the parachute and a felt the tug of gravity pulling me down.

Mistress has taught me to slowly swing weights from my balls, as I helps me to equalise the initial discomfort as each weight is added. Mistress slowly added more weights and I felt the tug increasing, only 4 more weights remained, but these were the heaviest that Mistress had. Mistress caringly asked me if I was at my limit, Her eyes searching me for any signs of weakness, slowly one by one each weight was added, Mistress encouraging me all the time, I wanted to please Her and my mind was only thinking of Her satisfaction on pushing me deeper into Her training path, and then my goal was achieved, every single weight was attached and hung motionless in mid-air. Count to 10 Mistress instructed, which I did, in a controlled manner, no rushing else Mistress should have me repeat until She was satisfied with Her handy work. Mistress released me, and the weights returned to the floor. I took 9lbs in weight.

Whilst still attached to the cross Mistress appeared with Her new Pleasuretec 2010 electro play box, and a massive smile upon Her face, now for the final push. Mistress has used inferior electrics on me previously, but Mistress has invested in new state of the art equipment. The contacts were secured and Mistress’s fingers went to work, slowly moving the dials until a faint pulse was detected. Mistress immediately picked up my body language and huge smile brought Her face alive.

Getting the response that She wanted, the power levels were increased for a few seconds, and then dropped a back down. Each time the power level went higher and higher, and the pulse frequency increased to be faster and faster, with the pain levels being more and more intense. Mistress helped me, controlling each breath, encouraging me to embrace the feeling, to concentrate on Her, and feel Her majestic power to be the complete perfect pain pet for Her and only Her, to take me higher and higher as the endorphin rush came higher and higher, and Mistress felt the supremacy that She wanted, this was Her dungeon, Her realm, Her pain slut, and Her desire to inflict and control.

Mistress slowly brought me back down to earth, and released me from the cross, the session had ended and time had flown past but I was changed, I was a better slave than I was, and this was all down to Mistress’s education, Her personality, Her drive and Her commitment to perfection.

Mistress I kneel in your shadow of greatness, and will forever be in the debt.



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