Well dear slaves, its My first day back at the chambers tomorrow with one of My long term loyal cross dressing bondage slaves. I cannot begin to describe how much I’ve been looking forward to coming back. The session usually starts with his transformation and moves into lots of rope bondage, face sitting with tights, torture and of course humiliation. Oh how I’ve missed playtime at the chambers! I’ve had plenty of time to think up new exciting and creative ways to control and torture you all! 🙂

If you want to book a session with Me then please check out My session availability below. I am around on a very part time basis by appointment only these days. I’m afraid my daytime availability is no longer something I can offer. I just have 2 afternoons/evenings a week and a bi weekly Saturday & Sunday.

  • Weds 5-7pm
  • Thurs 5-7pm
  • Sat 11-3pm
  • Sun 11-3pm


New subs

I’d like to point out that I am not meeting any new subs at this time, just meeting the ones I’ve met and sessioned with in the past. This will give them a chance to catch up after My 6 month absence. I may meet new subs in the future. However if you are a new sub, be prepared for a lot of questions and hoops to jump through before I will consider you. I’m very picky about who I choose to session with. Any hint of disrespect will ruin your chances. I may be a Mistress who works in the adult industry, but I’m also a human being with feelings and boundaries. There are a lot of women in the adult industry who will allow males to treat them badly, just for the money. I don’t do this for the money, and I will NOT lower My standards as to what I believe human decency should look like, especially when it comes to interaction with potential subs. So keep that in mind before you write that email or send that text.

Hint: Be respectful and you will be respected! The last person you want to piss off is the Mistress you’re about to see or want to see. Especially if she has your balls in a vice and decides its payback time… yes I’ve done that too. <evil grin>

See you all in the dungeon soon.

Mistress Madox