My search for a new Mistress had brought me to Mistress Madox’s well-appointed and spotlessly clean chambers conveniently very close to rail links in Manchester. As I sat in the pre-session consultation area, I was just so overawed by the presence of this beautiful tall apparition in front of me. Mistress Madox is stunningly attractive and is clearly the best looking Mistress I have ever had the privilege to serve. We discussed my experiences and then established that Mistress was to seek out and stretch my limits, tolerance expansion as She called it. This would be done on particular favourites of mine, NT, CBT, Electrics and CP.  Into the chamber and I was first collared and then attached to the star frame for some exploratory NT & CBT work.

This consisted of some clamping, parachute weights and a little nipple whipping with a flat ended crop which I found very interesting. The first impression of Mistress’s domination style was revealing in that it is quiet and determined. She uses the three E’s in her control, Empathy, Encouragement and Enforcement.

Mistress has a very warm personality and likes to chat in the session but it was soon time for CP, so over the whipping bench I was ordered to go and strapped down, then I was ready for a warm up. This consisted of several different implements all working their way up to the real thing, Mistress’s canes! Dice were thrown to establish the number of strokes I was to receive and it was 90.

Mistress did not hold back on these and I was soon struggling to take the heavy strokes, at 20 I thought that I’m never going to get through this and at 30 I was in mild panic. However Mistress was very encouraging and delivered the strokes in sets of ten with a breather after each set. I realised that I was resigned to my fate, as this imperious Mistress delivers with a capital D.

Finally it was over but little did I realise that there was tougher stuff in the next section.  On to the bondage bench and more NT, CBT and electrics. Well, this is where I received the experience of a life time. Firstly Mistress applied electrics to my member and started slowly with a trickle. This was gradually increased until I was screaming with Mistress clearly enjoying herself.

Next the nipples got the same treatment, they were already very sore from her cruel attention and I was transported to a way out place on my limits by this very talented, determined Lady. Oh! did She apply some pain and I reacted as one would expect, reduced to a whimpering mess.

The best bit was yet to come, electrodes were applied to my testes and it started all over again. Mistress carefully and skilfully ramping up the juice until I was screaming again even through the gag that had been inserted in my mouth.

This time the beautifully cruel Mistress didn’t stop, the power just increasing slowly, She applied more and more and I was transported unto another place. All of a sudden the pain was irrelevant despite it being acute but I was in a state of bliss and a heavenly feeling came over me. What had happened was that this wonderful, accomplished, talented and determined Mistress had made me for the first time in my life, cross the First Threshold of Pain.  It is a well-known and documented state of being and there is a lot of historical evidence to prove it is a genuine and real condition.

After some hot wax play and more really hard NT and CBT with the vicious crocodile clamps the session ended.

I have to say that this was categorically the best first session ever in 40 years of sessioning and also ranks with the very best sessions I have ever had. Mistress Madox is a careful caring BDSM player and took me to new heights that I have only ever dreamed of.

To partake in serious pain play one needs the right Mistress and believe me Mistress Madox is the real deal.

Her style is beguilingly calm but boy can She deliver, again as I said using the three E’s She attains the desired end results.

Mistress Madox is a true sadist, beautifully cruel and is thoroughly recommended by me for any level of play, you will not be disappointed.


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