Manchester Mistress Madox

Electrics with Mistress Madox

One of My pain sluts ‘electropig’ enjoyed our session using electrics so much the other day he has written me a testimonial. I must say. I think I enjoyed this depth of sadism the most. I absolutely adore full on CBT and Nipple torture with electrics. So did My slave in this instance. Currently I am available at My Manchester Dungeon.


electrics by mistress Madox……” When arranging the session with her I noted that she has a middle-class educated soft feminine accent that lulls you to her; quite intoxicating!

Upon entering the dungeon I was struck by how attractive she is. At an estimate I’d say she is in her late twenties, early thirties. I’m 6ft and in her high-heeled boots she stands at least 6ft tall.

We discussed my needs which were CBT and Nipple Torture. She strapped me into a device hanging from the ceiling and she put her hardest nipple clamps straight on me and tried up by balls. She then tortured me with the pin wheel and a penis sheath with pins which would dig into my penis. She left this on my penis and guided me into another chamber whilst tugging on the sheath. This was one of my favourite parts of the session and I’m excited writing about it now.

I was then instructed to lie down on a long padded bench where she gave me what seemed like an age of electrically stimulated nipple torture and cbt and some anal play thrown in for good measure. Another mistress helped her with the electrics device as the device’s settings were unfamiliar to her. I remember the other mistress said, “The more you hurt him the more he loves you”. I remember thinking, “Yes, she’s got that right, couldn’t have said it better myself”. Yes, I was drawn into a upward spiraling cycle of her hurting me more and me loving her (and it) more. I could have stayed in that state (somewhere between total pain and total ecstasy) forever. But, of course, all good things come to an end and she finished by giving me one of the most powerful endings I’ve ever had.

All through the session she was smiling with a glint in her eye. She was loving the giving of pain; a true sadist.

In the days that followed my stomach muscles are aching from all the shouting that I did. That’s never happened to me during the cool down from my other previous sessions with any mistress.

I can’t wait for the next time mistress.

Yours ‘electropig’ …….”


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