Good evening  subs,

I’ve just finished a double mock castration session with Mistress Electra and our regular sub Buck in Manchester. We barely managed to restrain our overwhelming urges to turn a mock castration into a real one. One day we may ‘accidentally on purpose’ slip… and that will be the end of sub Bucks balls and manhood.  What a deliciously cruel thought 😀

If you’re a follower of My twitter you will have noticed it went a bit crazy this week. My return to full time sessions arrived earlier than I had anticipated; resulting in My slaves all contacting Me and booking in for sessions. Its been a crazy fun week of catching up with quite a few of you. Its ranged from outcalls for public humiliation at hotels to serious psychological, physical pleasure/pain play sessions in the dungeon.

One session was so intense that Pain Slut Willy was almost asleep in subspace by the time we reached 174 cane strokes. I decided to stop when I noticed he was struggling to continue to count in his deep subspace state.  Shortly after he just lay across the spanking bench giggling to himself saying that there is no drug in the world that could make him feel the way his Mistress does. What a compliment. One of many compliments I’ve had this week from my subs who’ve anxiously awaited my return. I may have been away a while, but I certainly haven’t lost my mojo. If anything the break has done me good and increased my appetite for kink. Its all good.

Some of My slaves have even been asking to add Me to the Mistress Chart. I’ve no idea what that is yet.

If you want to follow what I’ve been up to you can always follow my twitter feed.

My repertoire of interests is diverse and always growing. I’m now also offering outcall doubles with Mistress Electra and incall dungeon doubles with the Mistresses at the Reddish Dungeon where I am resident with Princess Lucina, Mistress Luci and Mistress Courtney.

My availability at the dungeon is Tues to Fri 11-4pm by appointment only (Sessions later than this time are subject to deposit).

So my dear subs,  its great to be back! I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Manchester Mistress Madox