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Slave caning by mistress Madox

Last week I had lots of fun caning my slaves. My ‘scottie’ had his first real caning this week and although I didn’t do lots,  his tender bottom was left marked. He was caned as punishment last week and he knows why. Suffice to say he has been behaving since his punishment. Surprisingly he was shouting ‘green’ all the way through the caning so I am now convinced that after electric and caning that he is most definitely not just an anal slut but a masochist too. I don’t think even he knew that until I started to teach him. I hope to have him in subspace as soon as his bottom toughens up. Its so fragile right now that I had to stop to avoid leaving him scarred and bleeding. As you can see his bottom is already starting to break. I shall look forward to seeing My artwork on his bottom this afternoon in session. I think I frightened him last week as he is moving out of slave training to just slave position. Mistress is not quite so soft in normal sessions as he discovered. He was ready for it though I feel and he did not disappoint.Canning scottie by Manchester Mistress Madox

‘scottie’ after spanking, paddles and some light caning.

I also had the pleasure of caning My ‘pain slut willy’ last week too. His first visit to me he took 40 of the cane, his second was 150 of the cane and last week he took a whopping 250 of the cane. His bottom is certainly toughening up and each time he leaves the session, he leaves feeling euphoric and always grateful to be baring his Mistresses artwork on his bottom. I do enjoy sessions with him, he is so resistant and I can really go to town on him. We also did ball weights and electrics that week. I will be interested to see what levels I can push him to in the long run. He will be bomb resistant when Ive finished lol.caning willy by Manchester Mistress Madox

‘pain slut willy’ after his first 150 cane strokes last month.caning willy by Manchester Mistress Madox

‘pain slut willy’ after 250 strokes of the cane last week whilst wearing ball weights and a chute throughout the caning.caning willy by Manchester Mistress Madox

‘pain slut willy’ and his sore bottom the day after his caning. I received this photo in a thank you email the following morning.


So if you like anything that you saw in this blog and want to try caning or any other activity on my website then send me an email or call me.

In other news, I am now back from my travels to Europe last week where I was absent for 3 days per week and will now be available for sessions from Tuesday to Fri between 11am and 6pm. I will also be having some new photos taken in August (professional ones) which will  also include Princess Lucina. We offer a double session for a very reasonable rate.

Also scottie has been doing some work for me this week and is doing very well, his dedication is showing through and he is creating some great stuff. Thank you.

Mistress Madox
Manchester Dominatrix

Caning with Mistress Madox

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