09May 2018

Hello My loyal subs and sissies,

Holiday season has arrived. Those of you who know me know I love to be away in the sun, at the gym and outdoors.

At the end of May I will be going away on holiday for a few weeks. If you wish to book in before then, then you must book in ASAP to avoid disappointment of missing out. My time in the dungeon is already limited, merely by the fact its near impossible to get me off the sun lounger or out of the gym once the sun is out. I am ALWAYS more available for sessions on rainy days and cold days, albeit still at the gym in any weather.

As you may have noticed, My twitter has gone onto private and I am no longer sharing images from My sessions. It seems that as I have matured as a Mistress, so has my preference for privacy for Myself and My subs. I believe that the testimonials on here and My regular stable of subs speaks loudly enough for itself as to the quality of My sessions and BDSM experience from the last 10 plus years.

Since My last post about defining boundaries , I have noticed a big shift in how new subs have approached Me and how they have responded after session. I am pleased with what I have seen so far. Keep it up guys. I have been less impressed with some of the old circuit subs whom I have had to let go of. They just could not comprehend the purpose of boundaries. Outside of this, I cannot speak highly enough of those established and newly joined subs who serve Me with complete respect and honour My boundaries. Thank you. 

As a final word, I’m always cautious to accept new subs, there will come a time period soon where I will close My stable doors for a few months to focus on My regulars only.  I can feel that time is drawing near. I expect to take this temporary break from new subs around June or July. I will update you further at some point soon with some dates.

Well, that’s all from Me today. I look forward to seeing you all in the dungeon very soon.

I will be back for sessions next week commencing the 14th of May until the 22nd. After that I will be away on Holiday.

Manchester Mistress Madox x




04May 2018


It had been far too long since I had managed to see Mistress Madox for a session; years in fact, due to personal circumstances and a busy family life that I couldn’t escape from at the time (not even for a few hours).  Still, the time had now come, and I had managed to book a two hour session.  I sat in my car nearby the Stockport Dungeon, eagerly awaiting a text from Mistress.  It arrived. “I’m ready for you” it said.  I was already under her control.

Mistress guided me into the Dungeon via telephone, and I was taken aback by just how secret the Dungeon actually is.  It’s incredibly discrete and well hidden.  As I entered, Mistress greeted me with a warm hug and showed me through to Her chambers.  We talked for a little while about my session interests and I eventually became much calmer as my shakes and nerves slowly started to drop away.  Mistress has that effect on you to begin with; you start to feel somewhat relaxed and you begin to trust her implicitly.  You belong to Her.  A safe word was given to me (just in case), and the fun was about to start.

As we began the session, I couldn’t look Mistress in the eyes.  I was too nervous, and I felt … unworthy.  I tried to tell Mistress of my worries, but she had become very busy getting to work on ‘warming me up’ as she called it.  She dressed me in beautiful red stockings, knickers and a skirt, and chained me to the cross.  I was already helpless and vulnerable, and I absolutely loved it.  What came next was a plethora of different instruments being used on me: spiky rollers/wheels were rolled across my nipples, cock and balls, as well as other implements.  Mistress started off innocently enough, but before long the spikes were being pushed deeper into my nipples and were being wheeled firmly over my penis.  Mistress also pinched and pulled my nipples, perhaps to gauge just how sensitive they were.  Much to Her delight, they were extremely sensitive.  She laughed, looked into my eyes, and I could tell the session was going to be extremely challenging for me.  Mistress had found my weak spots, and She was going to see how much I could take.

Eventually, I plucked up the courage to inform Mistress that I couldn’t look Her in the eyes, and She said to me that She wanted me to, so that She could look back into mine to see what was going on behind them.  Mistress likes to know how Her subs are feeling, and to see how much She can push them.  As I looked into Mistresses deep, brown eyes, I could tell how much She enjoyed torturing me.  ‘I like how nervous you are’ She said, before spreading my legs and rolling the spiky wheel across my balls.  I was already in heaven, and session wasn’t even 15 minutes old.

Soon enough, the vampire gloves were used, and Mistress once again laughed as she placed them firmly on my nipples and cock.  The pain was exquisite, but I soon started to regret my excitement as Mistress began to really get to work torturing my cock with the gloves.  I regretted being erect.  As Mistress put it – ‘the bigger it gets, the more there is to torture’.  Thankfully, my cock started to calm down somewhat after more pain was inflicted, although it was still incredibly enjoyable.  And all this was just to warm me up …

After even more nipple torture, Mistress gave me a little rest, and then suddenly gave me a firm slap across the face.  I was a little shocked, but it was a very happy surprise (we’d talked about slapping before the session), and something I really enjoyed.  Then, the tickling began (something else we had discussed beforehand).  I writhed in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as Mistress mercilessly tickled me in many places to find my weaker spots.  She quickly found them, of course, and began seeing just how much I could take.  Finally, Mistress settled on tickling my nipples.  They were still sore from the previous nipple torture, and Mistress tickling them was one of the most challenging things I’d ever done in bondage!  Despite it being challenging, it was one of the best parts of the session.  The image of Mistress laughing cruelly in front of me, ruthlessly tickling my nipples whilst I was chained to a cross will remain with me for the rest of my life, and I’ll always smile when I think of it.  The nipple tickling seemed never-ending, and I didn’t know if I could take it, but Mistress helped me to endure it.  I’m not sure how long it went on for, but Mistress seemed to love it.  ‘You’re dancing!  Look, you’re dancing!’ She said laughing, as She tickled and twisted my sore nipples.  I couldn’t control myself, and the mixture of pain and pleasure was sublime.  After Mistress had finished tickling me, She spat in my face (as discussed beforehand), and said ‘Do you feel degraded now, slut?’, I meekly responded ‘Yes Mistress’, feeling quite breathless.

I was then removed from the cross and brought across to a large bench which I was instructed to lie down on.  Mistress shackled both my arms and legs to the bench, and informed me that She was ‘going to do terrible things to my balls’.  A rope was introduced to the session, which Mistress tied around my balls.  She then tied the rope securely to a device on the Dungeon ceiling.  They already felt tight, but Mistress told me she was going to stretch them more than they’d ever been stretched.  At this point, I felt like I was completely relaxed, but still incredibly excited at what was to come.  I was completely at the mercy of Mistress.  A lever at the edge of the room was then turned, and the rope attached to my balls was raised even closer to the ceiling of the Dungeon.  My balls were being stretched and the feeling was amazing.  I instinctively arched my back to compensate, only for Mistress to say ‘stay down!’ in an authoritative and demanding voice.  Some ball slapping then followed, and I was eventually released from the stretching.  ‘Now for some electrics!’ said Mistress, as I breathed deeply, recovering from the pleasure and pain.

My cock was about to experience something quite new.  I’d never tried any sort of electrics before, but as it was something Mistress clearly enjoyed, I was going to try it regardless!  The device was fitted to my cock, and Mistress sat on the edge of the bed (to which I was still shackled) and started to play with the controls.  The sensations of the electrics were like nothing else I’ve ever experience in bondage before, and I was extremely glad that Mistress had chosen me to use them on.  Each time the electrics were switched on, my cock began to feel a plethora of different sensations – some difficult to stand, some less so.  Mistress quickly worked out which sensations were more difficult for me to endure and used those more often, to both test and push me.  Mistress worked me up from the lower settings of the electrics, which were uncomfortable but enjoyable, to the middle settings, which were harder to endure but still enjoyable, all the way to the very highest settings available, which had me squirming and wriggling in a mixture of agony and ecstasy.  Mistress complimented me on my cock’s ability to take the electrics

Mistress then asked me a trick question of what I’d like to do next, and then came my biggest mistake – or was it?  ‘Whatever you want to do, Mistress’, I replied, to which she replied ‘More nipple torture then!’  I began to squirm again, feeling helpless, still shackled to the bench.  I’m fairly sure that no matter what I’d said, Mistress was going to do what she wanted to do regardless of my preference.  Mistress knew that the nipple torture was difficult for me, but she wanted to push my boundaries.  Also, I have no doubt that she was enjoying seeing me writhe and squirm.  ‘I don’t know if I can take this, Mistress’ I said to her, as she brought nipple clamps over to the bench.  ‘You have a safeword, but you’ve not used it, so I’m going to carry on’ said Mistress as she smiled, looking down at my quivering body, still completely at her mercy.  I didn’t want to use the safeword; I was determined not to, but I was close to my limit.  Still, I knew that we had a safeword, and I decided to press on.  ‘I hate giving up!’ I said out loud.  Mistress attached the nipple clamps to me, and the pain and joy was magnified tenfold from last time.  My nipples were still so sensitive from all the torture and tickling earlier in the session, and this amplified it so much more.  Mistress stretched the chain for a little while, removed the clamps, laughed, and smiled at me as the pain radiated through my nipples and chest area.  And that was the end of a challenging, magical and perfect two hour session.

After our first session some years ago, Mistress kindly gave me the name of ‘dark horse slave’, perhaps seeing something in me that I didn’t.  It seems ironic that this recent session took place on the same day as the Grand National Horse Race, and that my real name also has a translation connection to horses.  But I’m sure Mistress already knew the latter when she kindly christened me with the name.

Mistress Madox is the finest Mistress you will ever hope to meet.  She’s stunningly beautiful, brilliantly domineering, and, dare I say it, somewhat sadistic – but in a good way.  She is both respectful and powerful, caring and strong, demanding and rewarding.  If you give yourself to Her, you’ll have the greatest experience of your life.  You’ll be perfectly safe with Her, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy on you!  Once you’re under her control, you’ll feel a perfect mix of ecstacy, pain and submission.  I cannot wait for my next session with Mistress Madox.  I just hope it will be soon…


Dark horse slave


30Apr 2018

I approached my first session with Mistress Madox with a little trepidation. As a busy mistress with a stable of established regular clients, she rightly vets slaves who are new to her very carefully and our meeting finally came after eighteen months of admittedly interrupted email exchanges. Given that, I didn’t want to disappoint her. On approaching the dungeon door I was ushered in. Confronting me was a true masochist’s dream. Mistress Madox is tall, stunningly attractive, and raven-haired with a shapely and powerful body. She has a real physical presence that is evident immediately. Most strikingly she towered above me despite the fact that the long, elegant, leather boots she was wearing were flat-soled (By the way I discovered the reason for that later when she proceeded to use them to trample and stamp on my naked, prone body). As we talked through the session and how it might proceed, other qualities became evident. Mistress Madox is approachable, intelligent, charming, and, it seemed to me at least, just a little mischievous. She also radiates a quiet assurance. She doesn’t have to shout or raise her voice. Instead Mistress Madox coaxes you into her world of dominance and submission. Partly for this reason it is easy to relax in her presence even on first meeting.

However, once the session is underway she slips effortlessly into her very professional, sadistic persona. After the initial consultation was over, Mistress Madox suddenly threw one of her garments over my head and gripped tight. Unable to see I found myself stumbling in a disorientated fashion as I was frog marched down a corridor. The hood was finally removed and I found myself in a very realistic, fully-equipped jail cell. This was ideal as I enjoy a prison punishment and interrogation scenario and Mistress Madox proceeded to play that out to perfection adding some unexpected twists of her own. She thoughtfully interpreted and adapted the scenario we had discussed earlier and made very good use of the Stockport Dungeon’s excellent facilities. In her role as the prison’s head of discipline and chief interrogator, she stripped me and chained me up.

An array of instruments—belts, straps, and paddles—together with nipple clamps were placed on the floor in front of me as Mistress Madox menacingly told me to prepare myself. She then pulled on a pair of leather gloves and began a volley of face slaps. She moved in close so I could feel her presence before surprising me with some delicious knees in the groin. Belly punching with boxing gloves followed before the punishment culminated with some hard ball kicking. Needless to say after an hour of this treatment I ultimately answered all of Mistress Madox’s questions and made my confession.

What I particularly enjoyed about the session were some of the imaginative touches Mistress Madox introduced particularly an unexpected twist in the narrative that I won’t go into here (you had to be there!), using my own belt to whip me, and suddenly bringing in another mistress to act as a prison guard to assist in the beating.

I have sessioned with several people over the past thirty years or so and nearly all have been enjoyable experiences. However, Mistress Madox certainly ranks among the very best mistresses I have had the pleasure of engaging with. Indeed I would say that this was arguably the best first session I have ever had. Mistress Madox is a genuine sadist who takes a quiet, understated delight in what she does.  She is an intoxicating, hypnotic mix of brains and beauty. Mistress Madox also strikes a balance between being safety conscious and being imaginative, intimidating, and forceful. As a result, I would imagine that she can take even hardened masochists to their limits and beyond with due care for their welfare.

If you get the chance to session with this talented, skilled, and accomplished mistress I would seize the opportunity with both hands. You won’t regret it. Certainly I long to be in her formidable presence again.

Slave dave

29Jan 2018

As those who know Me and have sessioned with Me over the years, you will know that I am generally a warm person as well as cruel and sadistic in session. I am a natural Dominatrix (its not a role for Me). It’s that combination that often makes the sessions so incredibly intoxicating for both Myself and the sub. It brings us both into a place of complete trust and freedom to both explore being human and enjoy the pain and control. It’s more intimate psychologically. In my case, giving the pain and taking the control of course. 

I can understand how many subs prefer the strict authoritarian role archetype and wish to only session with that character within safe agreed boundaries, which is at least about 40% of My client base. The other 60% are people with an interest in kink who want to explore and share it with someone who is human and able to facilitate what is discussed whilst also keeping them safe.. almost 😉 

The difference for Me is that the subs who prefer the human touch, also allow themselves to be pushed that little bit further. This results in an equally gratifying experience for both sub and Mistress. Sometimes with one of My regular long term subs W/we can session in pure silence with only his moans of pain and gratitude filling the room.

And herein lies the challenge for some subs as to where the boundaries lie…

When a sub has sessioned with a warm and cruel Mistress once or twice, I find they can often be confused by this level of humanness and connection they have both shared. They can sometimes make the mistake of thinking that Mistress is suddenly their best friend and the desire to be in touch with Her all the time (due to the connection and bond they have made in session) can be overwhelming and confusing. The difference is from a Dominas perspective is that as much as She too holds that bond and connection with her adoring sub, she also holds many different connections with other adoring subs from her stable, in a unique way with each one.

Some subs can feel put out by this and become insecure and even appear needy. I can understand why this is the case. They’ve gone from deep connection to sudden withdrawal and sub drop. What they don’t realise is that Dommes also have Domme drop. We also have to learn from very early on as a pro Dominatrix to withdraw and take care of Our own well-being when We hit Domme drop. This is exactly what We are also expecting our subs to do for themselves. We cant look after both of U/us in the following days after a session.

So next time you have a session with a Professional Dominatrix and you find yourself in this position of sub drop or feeling insecure, just remember, its NOT the job of your Professional Mistress to fill you up emotionally or take care (mother) you in the following days after session. It is solely yours. The more you are able to care for yourself, the more your Mistress will respect you, the closer you will find yourself in session.

Don’t bother trying to buy Her time with gifts outside of session in a bid to forge a friendship. Don’t message her every day asking how She is, its just annoying and comes across as needy, insecure and codependent. This is not attractive from the perspective of an Alpha woman!

If your Mistress wants any of these things she will tell you. Don’t assume or try to force yourself into her space, mind or life.  Ultimately you’ll end up feeling rejected if you try without being asked. Save your gifts and bring them to session. Then you can make Her smile in your own private focused session time.

Each Mistress is different and each Mistress has a different boundaries. However, overall I know I share similar preferences with quite a few of My fellow Mistresses who I’ve worked with over the years in the North West.

This is not to say that We don’t forge friendships with subs after We’ve known them a while. The difference is that these subs We have chosen and they are able to self manage without Us. They are useful not needy. Did you notice I said “We have chosen”? We are the ones to choose who gets the chance, not the sub.

I hope this blog was of some use to you subs out there. That it may serve as a guide for those of you who want to session with an independent Domme without any strings or expectations.

I’m a great believer in healthy boundaries and emotional resilience.

I am available for sessions every week by appointment only 11am till late Tuesday to Friday. I also offer double Domme sessions.

Mistress Madox

20Aug 2017

Good evening  subs,

I’ve just finished a double mock castration session with Mistress Electra and our regular sub Buck in Manchester. We barely managed to restrain our overwhelming urges to turn a mock castration into a real one. One day we may ‘accidentally on purpose’ slip… and that will be the end of sub Bucks balls and manhood.  What a deliciously cruel thought 😀

If you’re a follower of My twitter you will have noticed it went a bit crazy this week. My return to full time sessions arrived earlier than I had anticipated; resulting in My slaves all contacting Me and booking in for sessions. Its been a crazy fun week of catching up with quite a few of you. Its ranged from outcalls for public humiliation at hotels to serious psychological, physical pleasure/pain play sessions in the dungeon.

One session was so intense that Pain Slut Willy was almost asleep in subspace by the time we reached 174 cane strokes. I decided to stop when I noticed he was struggling to continue to count in his deep subspace state.  Shortly after he just lay across the spanking bench giggling to himself saying that there is no drug in the world that could make him feel the way his Mistress does. What a compliment. One of many compliments I’ve had this week from my subs who’ve anxiously awaited my return. I may have been away a while, but I certainly haven’t lost my mojo. If anything the break has done me good and increased my appetite for kink. Its all good.

Some of My slaves have even been asking to add Me to the Mistress Chart. I’ve no idea what that is yet.

If you want to follow what I’ve been up to you can always follow my twitter feed. https://twitter.com/Mistress_madox

My repertoire of interests is diverse and always growing. I’m now also offering outcall doubles with Mistress Electra and incall dungeon doubles with the Mistresses at the Reddish Dungeon where I am resident with Princess Lucina, Mistress Luci and Mistress Courtney.

My availability at the dungeon is Tues to Fri 11-4pm by appointment only (Sessions later than this time are subject to deposit).

So my dear subs,  its great to be back! I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Manchester Mistress Madox

17May 2017
12Feb 2017

Hello subs

Just a quick blog to let you all know that almost all of my available session spaces for March have been taken up by My regular subs. I have a few appointments left from 3pm on the 10th of March in the afternoon.

So if you want to book in, book now!

I have no idea what my availability will be like in April just yet. I will post the dates on here and on Twitter when I know.

I recently posted a tweet about having a Gloryhole slave day. I’ve had an abundance of sluts wanting to be used in the box, I’m lacking a supply of willing male Tops to fill my sluts. If you are a male top and want to join in, let me know. I will see how  many candidates from both sides come forward and then decide whether its viable.

See you soon.

Mistress Madox

27Dec 2016

Good Afternoon slaves!!

It has been a while since I last blogged. Your Mistress has been very busy working away in London as you know. I have to admit, its been bloody awful being away from home and living the hotel to the office life!

What has bothered Me the most is not being here for sessions. I miss My slaves, I miss My Mistress friends, I miss My freedom and My life here in Manchester. The only positive side to being down south is the improved weather, having time to read and all that time I spend in the gym perfecting My body. I honestly feel like I’ve been living in a bubble the last few months. Thankfully that will change soon… I’m relocating back to the Manchester office from around March 2017 and am hoping to take up sessions again part time. Probably evening 5pm onwards and weekends for the next 8-12 months, at least until I have reached a place where I can reassess and make plans accordingly. For now though, My dear slaves, you will need to bear with Me. I will be back soon!

Most likely days for evening and weekend sessions from March 2017 (by appointment only) are as follows:

  • Thursdays 5-7pm
  • Saturdays – 11-4pm

Other News

I also have some availability here in Manchester over the Xmas and New Year period, especially this weekend 31st/1st. So if you are around and fancy a session, do text or email Me. Mistressmadox@gmail.com

I will be having some new pictures taken when I return, plus my web developer will be putting a new look on My website.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Xmas and wish you all a fantastic New Year in 2017.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Manchester Mistress Madox



01Sep 2016

Hello slaves

Availability Change

I regret to inform you all that I have been moved to London during the week with work without any set end date in sight. I’ve been promoted and moved to a new project. The first stage is supposed to end in Jan 2017. Its been my experience that once the project has finished, they usually keep you on for the next stage until completion. This means I wont be able to offer sessions for a while as I’ll be away. I will need to put My availability on hold for now.

Equipment Sale

As you all know I used to have my own expensive elite fully equipped city centre dungeon with 2 rooms. Now that I am based at elsewhere which has an abundance of equipment already lining every wall, I have not needed to bring in the boxes of things that I still had from My own dungeon. They are at still at home in storage. I’ve no time or inclination to open another dungeon at this point, so My equipment is now surplus to requirement. I have everything I need. So its time to sell what I have left in storage.

I will post the list at some point in the future of all the equipment I have for sale. I’m selling hoods, floggers, paddles, clamps, puppy harness, electrics, parachutes, ball weights, full leather body bag and much more. So if there is anything anyone wants please let me know when I post the list. I suspect they will sell quickly, so keep your eyes peeled and get your bids in quickly when the time comes.

I will see you all soon.

Mistress Madox

30Jan 2016
I have been honoured to be trained over the last 6 years by the wonderful Mistress Madox, who always continues to amaze me with her perfection.
Mistress is very powerful and could easily break me into two if she so desired but she also has wonderful control, to slowly bring a true submissive out of the dark and into her light, and this is what she has done for me, and I am eternally grateful to her, and she holds a special place in my heart.


My sessions with Mistress are never planned out, we go where mistresses passion is on that day, and the tools of delight that she has to hand. Today mistress had all her luxurious toys available to her after being in storage for a number of months, so mistress was very happy and could not decide on which of her arsenal of delights to use, so impulsively decided that ALL the toys where coming out, and I would experience the full array of nice and not so nice, spanker’s, paddles, crops, floggers and all of mistresses canes.

The equipment that Mistress has is much like herself, luxurious, quality, and very strong, and as mistress collared me and took control of my soul, I felt myself fall into my ‘happy place’, knelt at the foot of Mistresses throne.
I soon found myself in the bondage chair, restrained and full exposed, and mistress took delight as she slowly stretched my nipples, with her favourite pair of very weighty cloverleaf nipple clamps, and also stretched my testicles with lead weight after lead weight, much to mistresses amusement.


Mistress was happy with my desire to please her and decided that I would be rewarded with a good hard spanking, to warm me up and so moved me to the spanking bench, with my bottom on display. Slowly mistress started to spank me, gently at first until the warm glow started to spread across my cheeks, and then harder as my tolerance increased. Mistress loves to take her time and slowly raise hers slaves pain threshold,its one of her gifts, which gives her more time to enjoy her slaves discomfort.


Mistress was in a very good mood, and started to select the next item of punishment, and I would receive at least 10 to 30 strokes of each item in her arsenal. I was to count in groups of 10 and to thank Mistress on every tenth blow. I remembered mistresses excellent training to how to use my breathing to permit the pain sensation to spread across my body, and through mistresses guidance and encouragement we worked our way through the light spanker’s, to the leather paddles, onto the hard wooden paddles and finally to the tawse, until my count reached 200.
Mistress congratulated on part one of her punishment but I was also to sample her canes today, and the punishment that I had received so far was purely the warm up.

The 200 strokes had sent me to the edge of subspace, and the subsequent 100 strokes of the various canes had me purring with delight (especially Mistresses long red handled cane, that has a special thudy feel on the buttocks, and a sudden sharp bite as it wraps round the cheek), as I floated on a soft cloud of endorphins, and whilst I was being caned a heard mistresses music change to “return to innocence”, and the lyrics made me cry as these sum up exactly how I feel towards mistress and what she has done for me, and how much respect and devotion I have for her.

Love, devotion
Love, devotion
Feeling, emotion
Feeling, emotion

Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart, my friend
That will be the return to yourself

The return to innocence

The return to innocence

And if you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry

Be yourself, don’t hide
Just believe in destiny

Don’t care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don’t give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

That’s not the beginning, it’s the end
That’s the return to yourself

After the emotion of the caning had passed mistress let me recover and slowly come down from my high, and moved me to the bondage bench to feel the full force of her favourite electrics. Mistress had a new toy that I have never experience before the nipple tower, which is a simple design but amazing to experience.


Mistress attached the electrics, and fitted the nipple tower and slowly increased the intensity of the electrics which slowly stretching and releasing the pull on my nipples.
The feeling was out of this world, and I quickly fell over back into the world of subspace and was again floating in the clouds, whilst mistress guided me, controlling my breathing and electrifying my soul. I felt 7feet tall ,and there was nothing that I could not achieve. That is mistresses true gift, it would be so easy to destroy me, to make me feel worthless and belittled, but she gives me part of her strength and makes me strong, and gives me my inner confidence to conquer my inner demons that have held me back for many years. Mistress has set me free, and I can never thank her enough for what she has given me.


Thank you Goddess, your devoted slave PSW  (and I hope to see you again soon)