Hello slaves

Availability Change

I regret to inform you all that I have been moved to London during the week with work without any set end date in sight. I’ve been promoted and moved to a new project. The first stage is supposed to end in Jan 2017. Its been my experience that once the project has finished, they usually keep you on for the next stage until completion. This means I wont be able to offer sessions for a while as I’ll be away. I will need to put My availability on hold for now.

Equipment Sale

As you all know I used to have my own expensive elite fully equipped city centre dungeon with 2 rooms. Now that I am based at elsewhere which has an abundance of equipment already lining every wall, I have not needed to bring in the boxes of things that I still had from My own dungeon. They are at still at home in storage. I’ve no time or inclination to open another dungeon at this point, so My equipment is now surplus to requirement. I have everything I need. So its time to sell what I have left in storage.

I will post the list at some point in the future of all the equipment I have for sale. I’m selling hoods, floggers, paddles, clamps, puppy harness, electrics, parachutes, ball weights, full leather body bag and much more. So if there is anything anyone wants please let me know when I post the list. I suspect they will sell quickly, so keep your eyes peeled and get your bids in quickly when the time comes.

I will see you all soon.

Mistress Madox