Bondage, Sensation & Pain Play Testimonial with Manchester Mistress Madox by V slave


Perfect moments are rare and need to be savoured. Mistress Madox sits upon my completely immobilised body. I am wearing a chastity device for the first time. Her nipple tower is keeping me at my pain threshold. No other Mistress has ever found this point before, yet alone been in possession of the skill to keep me at it. I am at this point for what seems like a lifetime. For Mistress this is not enough. Mistress always wants more. Every breath she takes rocks the tower just a little, but enough to send waves of pain crashing through my body. She watches pitilessly as slowly I learn to swim in these waves. I’m undergoing  a massive sensory overload caused just by her breathing. My mind is being scrambled. Mistress knows this but still wants more. I synchronise my breathing to hers and feel like now I am surfing upon her coherent waves of pain. Strange thoughts occur. Perhaps the strangest is I hope that Mistress is enjoying this. It’s suddenly very important to me that she is. Just a flicker of a smile on those cruel red lips indicates she might be.

Earlier I am outside her Domicile. It’s in a fine, central location. The area is safe and anonymous. You’ll know what I mean by that should you ever be privileged to visit. Fear butterflies battle their excitement siblings for the limited hiding places and vantage points. I am carrying an unrequested pineapple. Have the mind games begun already I wonder ?

We talk. She seems to read my mind. We begin.

Manchester Mistress Madox is no pretender to the throne she sits upon. I know this because I have met many who are. A collar begins my submission, somehow she fits the metal chastity device onto me. I wonder if I will one day find out why she has a metal chastity device as opposed to the more prevalent plastic beasts ? Mistress entices me into her leather body bag then straps me to her bench.

A vibrator, a pinwheel and a chastity device meet on a padded leather bench. Not the beginning of a surreal joke, just a recipe for pain and confusion as the contents of the chastity device would attest could they speak.

Had I drawn a tarot card from the deck earlier today, I’m sure it would have been the Tower. That’s a good card, right ? My nipples have other ideas. Mistress Madox uses her considerable artistic finesse to draw me into the aforementioned perfect moment. As the pain increases I realise when this tower crumbles so will I. Often she takes me beyond my threshold but never too far or too fast. It seems important to her that this is done right. She’s earning my complete trust by being both the cause of and the solution to the waves of pain. Mistress is in complete control. She seems to feed on my suffering. Slowly I accept my fate and surrender to a state of blissful submission.

Then the tower crumbles. I need water like I’ve never needed it before in session. Mistress allows me to drink.

We continue, I am now strapped tightly to the bench and gagged. Body bag, chastity device and evil nipple tower have all been successfully wished away. Somehow I am even more vulnerable. There’s a smile on her face as she shows me the sounds and explains where they are going. I can only imagine my urethra’s look of surprise. I wonder briefly if she will violate any of my other orifices ? She does of course. Then a second perfect moment occurs when she says to me those three little words every submissive craves with all their heart. You may not even know you crave them until you hear them. In that moment I am the happiest submissive in the world from just hearing those words. Mistress means them too, such is the conviction in her voice. She’s really good at what she does. Maybe even the best ?

Afterwards we talk, whilst she impresses me with her cleaning regime. Everything used if thoroughly cleaned. My mind is in a puppy dog state I didn’t know I had. Eventually I leave though it will be almost three days before I am once more able to fully engage with the real world. She’s still in my mind now. She’s in yours too, as you’re reading this. You could run away from her or towards her. I know which direction I recommend.


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